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Firm Overview

Since 1993, Thomas McMurray of Thomas McMurray, P.C. has represented clients in transactions and litigation including jury trials to maximize the recovery for the client. When dealing with real estate, the complexity of the transactions requires the parties to the deal to be able to negotiate the different areas required to ensure the project is completed on time, and to ensure the client maximizes their profits.


Thomas McMurray, P.C. is founded on the principles of integrity, compassion, and knowledge about the law. With his thorough approach, Attorney McMurray understands where the reasonable point is located in making the deal work and in being able to finish the project even if it means litigation to ensure his client’s position is protected.

He dedicates his skills for the benefit of his team-first partnership with his clients and assists his clients through different and difficult legal issues with communication and compassion. His professional approach to handling cases makes a difference for his clients in the long run. There is no shortcut to quality legal services, and he remains dedicated to serving his clients throughout the difficult legal process with speed and efficiency to maximize results.